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Equine vets in Cheshire, Staffordshire and Shropshire

When your horse needs expert veterinary care our equine vets are here to help you, fully equipped with the latest in mobile diagnostic equipment.

More about our services

Routine healthcare

From nutritional advice, vaccination, worming and dentistry to minor surgical procedures such as castration our vets are ideally placed to deliver healthcare tailored to the needs of your horse.

Pre-purchase examination (vetting)

If you're considering purchasing a new horse it's essential to have a pre-purchase exam carried out. We offer both industry-standard 2 and 5 stage vettings. To find out what is appropriate for you click or call us to talk you through the options.

Advanced diagnostic equipment

From wireless digital x-ray, ultrasound, gastroscopy and shockwave to advanced gait analysis - we've got the kit to help us reach an efficient diagnosis and monitor your horse's response to treatment.

24hr Emergency service

A duty vet is available 24 hours a day to offer advice and handle emergencies that arise outside our regular hours. Just call our main number and you'll be put straight through.

Essential information for horse owners

The latest horse health advice and updates from our vets in your area.


Sarcoids are common skin tumors thought to affect up to 8% of the world’s equine population. They can occur almost…


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Routine worming

Worming can be a confusing subject! The correct worming strategy for your horse is one tailored for your specific circumstances.…

  • Could not have wished for better care for my mare. Thanks so much!